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Speaker Shay Grace's   Bio

I'm Speaker Shay Grace...


I used to be one of those talented employees stuffed behind a desk making someone else rich.

I had to leave my kid every day to go to a job I hated, only to not make enough money. When I'd get a day off, I'd procrastinate on my dream of becoming a full time entrepreneur; because of a deep sense of fear, unworthiness and doubt that stemmed from childhood sexual abuse.

In spite of my talent, connections and professional experience I was blocked with limiting beliefs, that keep my dream elusive.


Through many major life setbacks, including becoming a voiceless mute for years, I finally learned strategies and techniques of resiliency, that helped unblock me and allowed me to move into being a successful entrepreneur. 

My passion is to travel and speak to teach others how to beat the odds, when the storms of life hit. My intention is to help the audience understand, that no matter what, they can... "Get Up...and Still Win!"


During those darkest years of my life I learned special techniques to overcome obstacles, depression, poverty and to stay motivated and make money with my other talents and education.

Now I teach aspiring entrepreneurs and those in transition, how to crush procrastination, break fear, I help burnt out entrepreneurs bounce back to cash flow.

As an Entrepreneur Shay Grace owned a women’s entrepreneur coaching, accountability and virtual assistant  firm established in 1993. She works with aspiring business women, who have an idea or talent they want to develop into a business venture.


She’s the author of  “Acronyms of Success – For Aspiring Business Women & Entrepreneurs” (Quick Empowerment Tools to Motivate You & Your Business). Bishop Dale Bronner of the Bronner Brothers Beauty Empire wrote the foreword. Her book is being used in business development groups, employment agencies multi level marketing companies and micro enterprise courses.


Ms. Grace stands out as an Entrepreneur’s Vlogger & hosts a rapidly growing Video Blog on Youtube, called “Severely Ambitious”. With over twenty years of public speaking and personal development coaching, Sha’ Ron brings an array of experience to her clients, through her corporate background in media sales,sales management, counseling, marketing and small business development.


Shay has competed and won twelve speaking awards from Toastmasters International and received professional mentoring from world renowned speaker Les Brown. She was hand selected to be on the 2002 Les Brown –  Dream Team of Speakers.


As a speaker, author and former radio talk show host, Shay has a message which tells her audiences how to overcome obstacles with power choices and their God given gifts. It’s a message Shay has learned from her own life experience and she is helping others to develop their confidence to beat the odds!


Shay’s company slogan is “Empowering & Motivating People to Use the Potential Within”. Through her many years of one on one coaching she’s earned the title “Professional Potential Puller”…..

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Omar Periu, Speaker Shay & Eric Swanson

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Les Brown & Speaker Shay Grace

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Shay taking the message of living your dreams as an entrepreneur to the streets

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Shay hosting "The Becoming"

Radio Show

Speaker Shay & Mark Victor Hansen

Speaker Shay & Sue Malone

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Bishop Brian Keith Williams & Shay

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Tom Joyner & Speaker Shay

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Ona Brown & Speaker Shay