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Empowerment Products to Strength Your Journey

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Boosting Your BOSS QUEEN Self-Esteem

"Guide to Standing in Your Power & Increased Self-Esteem to

Crush Your Goals in Life"

A 40 page comprehensive workbook with powerful strategies to help you examine who you are, your behaviors and your the level of your self-esteem. By identifying what you are doing that mirrors low self-esteem, you can change those behaviors and begin to walk in your power, confidence and ambition.

You'll recieve strategies and deep insight into what creates the self-esteem we carry and how we can master it, to become strong entrepreneurial women, we call BOSS QUEENS.

This book is also for men and it will help you in life, business and relationships.



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eBook Version   $20.00


For Aspiring Business Women & Entrepreneurs 

(1st Edition)


This book is for existing Entrepreneurs and people who have an idea or service, that wish to take it from the kitchen to the marketplace. 

It provides motivation, action step assignments and time-tested success strategies.



                You will learn:

                *  How to be poised for success

                * Estabilishing your action plan
                * Be ready for opportunities
                * To uproot unsupportive people
                * How to kill procrastination
                * To capitalize on what you know
                * To build unstoppable resilience

Book Foreword Written By

Bishop Dale C. Bronner


Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral

Bronner Brothers Beauty Empire

Check out the "Video Excerpts"  from the book 

A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S. of Success - For Aspiring Business Women & Entrepreneurs

Don't Just Network...

Learn To Be Persistent!!!

Power...Activate Yours!

Read Your Way to the Top

Audio Programs

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 Secretly Depressed  

"Moving From Depression & Despair to Determination & Discipline"

This 2 CD set is geared towards Christians who experience feelings of depression, inspite of knowing the Word, having faith and going to church.

 The program is part candid autobiography and  sound success activities used by many counselors. 

A power prayer that can be used to realign with God's Grace and take authority of hindering spirits is included. Scriptures are used throughout and resources are shared for additional help.

Written & recorded by Sha' Ron Grace 

Moving Through...          

  • The Secret Place
  • Front’in & Faithless
  • Familiar Blind Spot
  • Holes in the Spirit
  • Symptoms & Impact
  • Meeting da’ Danger Boys
  • Grasping for Hope
                                                 $20.00  + S&H

Success Activities...

  • Use Your Innate Tools
  • Get Whole Self Involved
  • Create New Truth & Beliefs
  • Utilizing resources
Power Prayer
  • Read by Sha' Ron Grace
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W.O.R.D.S. For A Determined Teen Mom

Tips, Motivation & Fierce Advise To Beat The Odds


By Speaker Shay Grace

This book is packed full of quick motivational tips for teen mothers who deal with balancing school, children, work and relationships.

When you are a young mother it's easy to become discouraged, burned out, deal with peer pressure while holding on to your self-esteem.

This book will show you how to keep it all in perspective and still go after your goals and dreams that you had before becoming a young mom.