We serve a variety of industries...

 Our exclusive clientele roaster has professionals from authors to truck drivers, from food companies to preforming artists and everything in between. We've been anointed with clarity, business savvy, foresight and potential pulling. Our specialty is applying classic business processes with customized and creative programs which help everyday people as well as established Entrepreneurs....

Simply Get Things Done!

Partial List of           Satisfied Coaching Clients     (Some clients are not listed due to confidentiality clauses)

John K.

KSI Highlights, LLC.

Barber Products


Becoming, Inc. Provided:

- Package design input

- Marketing plans

- Motivation


Success: Retail Product Launch & sales/publicity at Bronner Brothers Hair Show.


Carla R.D.

Inspired Facilitation, llc


Becoming, Inc. Provided:

- Author development

- Entrepreneur Coaching

- Media kit development

- Accountability

- Staff development


Success: Authored two books, workshop facilitator & public speaking gigs.

Jo Ann B.

Major Medical Insurance Agent.

We provided:

- Database mangt

- Direct mail 

- Filing & collating

- Biz plan & staffing

Success: Transition

from independent rep to a business owner with 4 employees.

Victor N.

~ Think N Trade, LLC

~ Mondey Monday Stock Options Training


We provided:

- Marketing plan

- Social Network management

- Video production / editing

- Event/ Project planning

- Writing copy for webpages

- Writing business correspondence

- Administrative assistance

- CD/ DVD development & labels

- Database management

- email marketing campaigns

- Event staffing

- Audio engineering

- Voice over work

- Social media setup / posting 


Randi G.

~ Special Kids, Special Music, LLC

* Recording Artist & Teacher

We provided:

- Needs Assessment

- Business & Marketing Planning

- Flyer Development

- Entrepreneur Coaching


Success: Opened a music school for special-needs children for music therapy.

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Renee M.D.

~ Model ~ Speaker ~ Spokesmodel

~ Breast Cancer Survivor & Advocate

We provided:

- Entrepreneur Coaching & Accountability

- Business Planning & Analyzing

- Developing business departments

- Product development support

- Marketing Plan

- Developing target market

- Goal Definition

-Support & Motivation


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Ivana V.

~ Minister ~ Entrepreneur ~ Author

We provided:

- Needs Assessment

- Entrepreneur Coaching

- Product & Marketing support

- Goal Defining 

- Media kit development

- Image consulting


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George P.

~ Global Known Photography~* Photographer & Mortgage Broker

We provided:

Sha' Ron Provided:

Entrepreneur strategy sessions

- Business card designs

- Writing website copy

- Website development

- Domain securing & hosting

- Writing Craigslist ads

- Marketing coaching


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Bishop J. Brown

~ New Jerusalem International Christian Ministries & Vincent Ministries, Inc.

We provided:

- Needs assessment

- Product development plan

- Motivation & accountability program

- Coaching around prioritizing and delegating


Bishop J. Brown

Video testimony

Candid talk about coaching with

Sha' Ron Grace

 and her book Acronyms of Success

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Attorney Carol M.

~ Immigration Law Offices


We provided:

- Marketing Planning

- Marketing collateral designs

- 3 Hour Entrepreneur & Marketing Coaching Session.

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Rahn A.

R&B / Gospel Recording Artist


Sha' Ron provided:

- Artist Management

- Branding

- Gig securement

- CD label designs

- Promotion

- Contract negotiation

- Song publishing - BMI

- Entrepreneur Coaching

- Image Consulting

- Business & Greeting card design

- Website Development

- Written copy for all marketing collateral

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Dr. Aloysius Anaebonam

CEO & Scientist

Breej Technologies


* Marketing consulting

* Event assistant

* Retail product placement

* TV promotion spokesperson

* Infomercial production

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Amy A.

Relax2 The Maxx

- Mobile Massage Company



* Strategy Sessions

* Entrepreneur & sales coaching

* Wrote article about her company for the Examiner online newspaper, featuring local Atlanta Entrepreneurs

Val S.

Style & Image Consultant

We Provided:

~ Entrepreneur Strategy Session

~ Business service positioning

~ Marketing & promotions plans

~ Motivation & accountability

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Sharrell A.L.

SAL's Media

Videographer & Producer

We Provided:

~ Entrepreneur Strategy Sessions

~ Business website planning

~ Customer acquisition

~ Contract development

~ Partnership agreements

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Keene W

Educator & Public Speaker

Youth Advocate

We provided:

~ Strategy session

~ Review & Recommendation on marketing collateral.

Image description

Febury H.

Speaker & Relationship Coach

We Provided:

~ Entrepreneur Strategy Sessions

~ Copywriting for website

~ Customer pitch letters

~ Marketing collateral critiques

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Mitzi M.

Public Speaker for Lupus

Women's Empowerment Facilitator

Project Manager

We Provided:

~ Strategy Session

~ Event Development Outlines

~ Graphic arts/ program design

~ Moderating at event

~ Business task grid

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Vera L.

* Home Health Care 

* Jan-Pro Franchise Owner

* Network Marketer


We provided:

- Needs assessment

- Marketing coaching

- Sales coaching

- Event planning

- Customer retention planning

- Several strategy sessions

- Entrepreneur development

- Motivation & accountability program

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Shay has been personally Coached by the Best!

Image description

I've chosen you as 1 in 10 Speakers from around the country, I personally want to mentor. You are on my 2002 Dream Team of Speakers.

Les Brown

International Motivational Speaker

Image description

"You are ready to be heard by the masses... I want to help you develop your story and speaking business...


Sha' Ron you are gifted, Go For It!"



Les Brown

World Renown Motivational Speaker


Image description

"I like the way your book is written. You've got at least 10 more books inside you. I want you in my Wealthy Writers Wisdom Program!" 

~ Mark Victor Hansen ~

Chicken Soup For The Soul - Book Series 

The One-Minute Millionaire

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Shay Grace


Mark Victor Hansen

Image description

"Sha' Ron is one of the most positive sisters I know... I really enjoy her energy.

Thanks for being who you are Sha' Ron"

Sha' Ron's personal development coach in 2002 & public speaking mentor.


Ona Brown

Own Your Dreams Radio Show

Image description

"You did it baby! Because of your voice limitations, you don't throw your voice out there, you make your audience come to you. You are energized & have good information. You are very good, I was please and could have gone home right then, because you did a great job!"

Dr. Anthony Sweeting

Acting & Voice Coach

Image description




With my coach Omar Periu 

in Atlanta, Georgia during a sale & motivation conference.

Dr. Anthony Sweeting


* Les Brown's Mentor*Professional Acting & Voice Coach* Professor


Dr. Anthony Sweeting gives a candid critique of Sha' Ron Grace. Her first voice coach after a severe throat injury and losing her voice in 2008.

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Bishop Brian Keith Williams

Pastor -

All Nations Church Dean- Young Preachers Institute



Sha' Ron Grace

at commencement ceremony in Columbus, Ohio.


"Mi casa es su casa, Sha' Ron... you're an anointed Speaker & Minister... Glad you ministered to our church on Mother's Day as you represented the single mothers. Your (grades) are in the top of the graduating ministerial class"   -2003


Bishop Brian Keith Williams

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Sha' Ron Grace


Les Brown

at Les' house in Potomac, Maryland for the Exclusive Dream Team of Speakers 3 day intensive training and 4 month on-going weekly coaching & accountability program.


 He chose Sha' Ron as 1 in 10 Speakers from across America that he personally wanted to mentor in the professional speaking industry.


Supplemental coaches were Ona Brown and Willie Jolley

Image description

Sha' Ron Grace


Les Brown

in Washington, DC at Speakers Conference

Shay's Collaboration Partners

Image description

"I believe in you.... you are the Bonnie to my Clyde. Your video is banging!!!!! Looking forward to working with you.

I want you to be the female face for "Ladies are Hustlers Too"

~ Featured in his promo video



Hustle University, Inc.

Image description

Cleveland Gary


Black Shopping Channel


We provided:

- Atlanta Committee Development

- Event Planning 

- Vendor negotiations

- Event set-up

- Administrative & Personal Assistance

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"Sha' Ron's  has created a treasure chest of powerful nuggets which contains potent truth in a memorable format.

Her book does not merely provide information but practical strategies to help turn your dreams into reality.

Sha' Ron put into practice the things she has learned and made what started in her heart a reality; her book is tangible evidence of that."

(He wrote the foreword for my book)


Bishop Dale C. Bronner 

Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral  & Bronner Brothers Beauty Empire


Image description

"Sha' Ron you have so much to offer and your invention is going to be a real home run!

Shay your wonderful item needs a patent. It is going to be huge in the market. Shay has a terrific background as a successful business woman."



Sue Malone

Strategies for Small Businesses

Image description

"Sha' Ron, I believe in you so much and I'm willing to do whatever I can to support your business and your dreams... I know you want to help people and have a lot to share with them. Thanks you for the book dedication.

It seems you've been through a lot, but you keep moving forward - very resilient. You've got a great future ahead of you and I want to be apart of it."

Otis Daniels


Image description

"Thank you for speaking and motivating our youth at the Atlanta Sickle Cell Association. I look forward to working with you again in the future."


~Provided a keynote at his Sickle Cell org.


Keith L. Brown

Motivator of the Millennium

Image description

"Sha' Ron, thanks for your support. I appreciate you for your attendance and purchase. "

Antonio Smith,

The Sellionaire

Author & Speaker


Image description

Tom Folliard

Carmax, CEO

Service Provided as Sales Manager/ 5 store location:

* Auto Sales Trainer

* Business office management

* Service & maintenance management

* Staff development & interviewing/hiring

* Customer service rep manager

* Sold over 350 vehicles personally

* Sold over 900 as team manager 

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Sir Charles

AM 1260 WTJH Radio Host

Sha' Ron Grace


Giving radio interview to the community on how to stay motivated... Your comfort zone can keep you poor.


"Sha' Ron is full of energy & insight...I just had to share you with my audience"

Sir Charles

Image description

Dr. Suave R. Walker

Author & Psychotherapist

Sha' Ron Grace & Antonio Smith

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Sha'  Ron Grace


Pastor Olatunde Madamidol & First Lady Ololade Ajibola

" We're delighted to have you speak & share your book with our congregation. We'll buy a book for everyone"

Pastor Olatunde 

Image description

"I pray & believe that your voice & throat will be totally healed. I'm asking God to restore you and you shall never lose your voice again"

Sir Ty

Sir Ty Experience - Talk Show Host

Image description

Fellow Authors & Pre-Paid Legal Associates

Sha' Ron Grace,


Lorna Rassmuesen

Image description

Rev. Joseph Lowery

Sha' Ron Grace

Obama election day - at the Martin Luther King Historic Museum in Atlanta, Georgia

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Fellow Authors  & Speakers

Antonio Smith


Sha' Ron Grace

Image description

"Great to work with fellow Authors... I like your book, Sha' Ron"




Crystal  Dwyer Hansen

Author & Wife of Mark Victor Hansen

 Founder of The Skinny Life

Tapping The Source

Image description

"Sha' Ron, thank you for speaking and motivating our graduates in our Next Level Business Course. I look forward to reading your book." 

Vonda Echols

Community Action Agency

Image description

Delatorro McNeal III


Sha' Ron Grace

Fellow, Les Brown Dream Team Members & friends. 

Image description

"Sha' Ron's history and experience sets her apart from many, and have earned her a reputation of creativity, excellence and professionalism, not matched by many.

Sha' Ron has proven her commitment helping those around her become the best they can be."

Larry Price 

Ohio House of Representatives

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Dr. Joycelyn Elders

15th U.S. Surgeon General


Sha' Ron Grace

In Columbus, Ohio at the Women's Heath Consortium.

Image description

"I've always admired your ambition and drive. Thank you for facilitating group sessions with the children, they learned a lot and really broadened their perspective in human potential"

Wondell Wallace

Image description

Nana Dassembre Oti Boateng &

Queen Mother Nana Ya Danni in Koforidua, Ghana - West Africa as they performed the naming ceremony on Sha' Ron Grace...

Enlisting Sha' Ron into the royal family and giving her the name Nana Akua Boatengwa and commissioning her to go forth and motivate and empower people through motivational speaking.

Image description

Tommy Ford


~ Comedian, Film Director, Actor, Author, Youth Activist



 We provided:

- Production Assistant on the film - Ancestors

- Prop development

- Extras management

- Crew assistant

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Tom Joyner

The Fly Jock - Morning Radio Host

Services Provided:

On behalf of WSMZ Radio - Account Executive Department:

* Event Promotion

* Radio promotional campaign

* Sky show backstage support

* Hosting the exclusive celebrity luncheon

Image description

"Sha' Ron at Becoming, Inc. helped me out tremendously... she was a great, great inspiration and helped me take my business to the next level."


CEO & Master Barber

 HSI Highlight


Image description

Deborah Hargrave Turner,

Speaker, Author & Spiritual Coach

Les Brown & Sha' Ron Grace

in Columbus, Ohio at the Africentric School

Image description

I'd love to work with you, as your acting coach... You have raw talent and I'd love to help you develop it."

Dorian Santiago

~ Actor, Drama Coach, Film Maker


Image description

Toni Teague

Otis Williams


Sha' Ron Grace

The 3 Keynote speakers at the first "success Saturday©" Empowering Entrepreneurs Seminar 2003

 - Columbus, Ohio

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Lorenco Wallace

Photographer & Entrepreneur

Sha' Ron Grace, wrote about and featured him in an article for the "Atlanta Entrepreneur Examiner" highlighted in the Examiner online newspaper.

Image description

Rick Bowens

Imperative Talent Management

Sha' Ron Grace, wrote about and featured him in an article for the "Atlanta Entrepreneur Examiner" highlighted in the Examiner online newspaper.



Image description

Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah & 

Mama Rita Ankrah

Royal House Chapel International


We provided:

- Negotiation within social service agencies

- Providing community resources

- Ministry Transportation / Ohio

- Personal Assistant Services


Image description

Rodney Perry


Shay Grace

Learning the art of comedic timing and timeless comedic material from international professional comedian, Rodney Perry.